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Wotif.com sells accommodation online in more 45 countries.

Our great rates, broad accommodation range, easy-to-use site and 24/7 Customer Service Centre have made us the most popular way for business and leisure travellers in Australia and New Zealand to book accommodation online. Every month our site attracts 3.5 million visits, with customers making over 200,000 bookings.

We launched in Brisbane, Australia, in March 2000 and now have offices in New Zealand, Malaysia,Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom to support our growing international presence. Wotif.com is listed on the ASX, trading under the code WTF.

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Why "Wotif"?

Graeme Wood, our Executive Director and co-founder, came up with the idea for selling discounted rooms at the last-minute, online. It was the answer to the question, "What if you could get a hotel room cheaper by waiting to book it?" Whatif.com was already a registered domain, so the quirky spelling of Wotif.com was born.

Why is Wotif.com different from any other website selling accommodation?

We pioneered selling what's become known as "last-minute" accommodation through a price matrix that shows live hotel allotment. Consumers can quickly and easily compare prices at all available properties for the region where they want to stay.

While many other sites have sprung up copying the concept, we have established ourselves with travellers, and within the industry, as the leading website for accommodation in Australia and New Zealand, with a growing presence around the world.

What's the full rate? Isn't this just inflated to make the room look cheap?

All hotels have a full (or rack) rate for their rooms. It's the standard published rate they charge for a room. Like other products, hotel room rates are discounted when demand is low. If you check prices in high demand periods (like Indy and Schoolies on the Gold Coast) you'll find that prices can be at a premium. We get cheaper rates from hotels trying to sell rooms that look like they might stay empty if they leave them at the full rate.

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Is it safe to use my credit card on the Internet?

We use 128-bit encryption to protect your credit card details on the Internet. In simple terms, that means no-one gets to see your credit card details when you enter them for a booking. You're not handing your card over to anyone, or writing it down for someone. Industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology connects you to our secure payment page to ensure that any information you enter is encrypted before it goes anywhere. Read more about our security measures.

How do I know if a room is really available?

All Wotif.com deals are loaded by our accommodation suppliers as part of their live allotment, and they guarantee their availability. Our bookings are all fully pre-paid, so you can rest assured that once you have your booking confirmation, the room is yours.

How does the hotel get my booking?

It only takes a few minutes for us to confirm your booking. As soon as you have your confirmation, the hotel has access to your booking details. We have built strong relationships with our hotel partners. They use us as part of their overall strategy to sell rooms, so they are familiar with our booking process.

Can I change or cancel a booking?

That depends on the hotel's policy. We publish each property's policy on the site, so it's worth comparing if you want to keep your booking flexible. We process all changes and cancellations through our Customer Service Centre to make sure everything goes smoothly, and charge a nominal processing fee for all changes and cancellations. See our terms and conditions for more details.

What is a "self rated" property?

For a lot of different reasons, some accommodation managers choose not to participate in independent rating systems such as the AAA STAR Rating scheme in Australia, or the Diamond Rating scheme in North America.

In order to support multiple rating schemes - and those hotels that still offer a great service but elect not to participate in independent ratings - Wotif.com choose to allow properties to “self rate” (with a non-star indicator and labelled as self rated) and includes them in search listings amongst other properties with independent ratings. We monitor customer feedback on all our properties, and review these self ratings where appropriate.

Hotels Prices Compare -> We compare hotels prices form ->wotif.com

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