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We here at Travelocity believe that you deserve great travel experiences. That's why we created our own Travelocity Customer Bill of Rights and realigned our entire organization so that our products, policies and employees protect them. It's on the foundation of this work, strengthened by our commitment to continually get better at what we do, that we offer the Travelocity Guarantee.

The Travelocity Guarantee is our seal on your traveler rights, a promise to our customers that we'll do our utmost to take care of you - that when you book with Travelocity, 'you'll never roam alone.' This promise extends to your entire trip experience; it even includes a low price guarantee to assure that you're getting a great deal for the travel you want.

Travelocity Customer Bill of Rights

You have the right to a straightforward presentation of your options.

We want you to choose the options that best suit you. If a hotel has rooms available, we won't lead you to believe that the hotel is sold out. We also won't subject you to impossible terms and conditions that make an offer hollow.

You have the right to find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

That's why we redesigned our site for complete ease-of-use - so you can find that great last minute deal to Paris, or the best brunch in Salt Lake City (served in a 75 year-old trolley car diner tucked in the hills of Emigration Canyon).

You have the right to speak with someone and get help anytime.

Call one of our knowledgeable representatives for help anytime at 888-872-8356 or 210-521-5871 (for international callers). We're here to help you 24/7.

You have the right to be inspired by your travel company.

Like a well-traveled friend just back from a wine tour of Tuscany, we want to inspire you to see the world.

You have the right to book with a travel company that looks out for you, all trip long.

Neither overbooked hotel, nor pool renovation, nor missing rental car, nor lost reservation should stand in the way of you and a smooth trip. That's why Travelocity Guarantees that everything about your booking will be right, or we'll work with our partners to make it right, right away. And that's why this guarantee means that we look out for you from the very moment you book with Travelocity.

You have the right to the best overall value in travel.

Travel enriches your life when it's done right. We understand that on top of a guaranteed low price, travelers need useful, insider information, the security of reliable customer support, and control over the details that make a trip smooth, efficient, and truly great.

You have the right to unbiased information up front.

That's why Travelocity was the first to offer objective travel ratings--not inflated ratings to sell you - and independent reviews where travelers share their experiences, both good and bad. It's also why we give you the full price of your rental car, including the taxes upfront with car TotalPriceSM. Partner

The Travelocity Partner Network offers two types of partner marketing programs to help you develop your own travel business.

The first program is the Travelocity branded program, which allows your website to feature Travelocity as a travel partner. This relationship gives you the opportunity to earn a commission when your referrals book travel. Plus, it is easy to integrate our products, promotions, feeds, and marketing assets into your site.

The second program, World Choice Travel, is a privately branded one that enables partners to customize the look and feel of their site using the Web's most powerful suite of online booking products. World Choice Travel is the most popular online private-label travel partner program in the world due in large part to this unique relationship. . The WCT-Travelocity revenue share is generous and our partner support leads the industry. There are no upfront fees for our technology, and implementation is quick and easy!

You decide which program is best for your business. Either way, you will get the highest level of customer support and service available. advertise

Travelocity Global inspires people to dream big and provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our audience is passionate about our globally recognized brand, and we make travel planning fun with our industry-leading products, tools, and services. We’re proud to say that our guarantee is the most comprehensive and proactive in the industry and it is this promise to our customers that makes us a cut above the competition.

When you partner with us, our enthusiastic, entrepreneurial team collaborates with you from start to finish to achieve your goals. A strong working relationship is the cornerstone of our partnership philosophy and ensures you’ll get a strong return on your investment.

Start earning rewards for your school! We partnered with SchoolPAX to help you earn your school money simply by booking your vacation through Travelocity. Find your school by clicking the "Lookup Your School" feature on this page. If your school isn't listed, make sure to get it enrolled in the program and start earning today!

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