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Competitive Rates Guarantee

Prepaid hotel and vacation rental reservations booked through are guaranteed to be the competitive rate you can find. It is not only hotel room / sightseeing tour you get, you will also receive Free Travel Insurance for whole period you book with us, Discount Coupons to get some discount for many stores, Fast Response Service and 24 hours to be with you and etc will be free included along with your reservation thru us.

Hotels2thailand could provide the cheapest rate due to our annual high sale volume convinces the hotels grant us very special rate in which others website never touch this goal. (Currently our sales volume has reached to -940,914 room night since January 1st, 2005.)

Hotels2thailand Charity Campaigns

Hotels2thailand philosophy stresses the ideal of better live in Thai children life. We launch a charity Campaign aiming for children who desperately need your help. We would like to invite you to take this opportunity to make the charity with us. click here for detail

Complimentary E-Coupon

The complimentary coupon program is designed by has co-operated with over 200 stores with more than 1,000 great online coupons benefit special only for's customers. That means all bookings which are reserved through will reserve the right to print the coupon to use the benefits at your chosen printed stores. We have coporated with restaurants, spas, souvenir shops and others in Thailand where you will earn the benefit of discount easily at your travelling destinations. You can see our various coupons by click here Benefit

Get Promotions and Benefits

By our great deal with many hotels, can offer a good promotion and benefits deal to our customers, Such as, Free Night Stay, Free Upgrade Room, Free Coupon Lunch or Dinner, etc. in selective hotels. In order to ease you make a decision to choose hotel to stay, you can obviously see many hotels in many destinations with promotion provide on our website. You can see our various promotions by click here

24/7 Customer Support

Our call center is available everyday, 24 hours a day to answer your enquies. We can ensure your trip will be planned smoothly with our professional staffs's advice through 24 hours. You can contact us anytime your convenience at Contact Call Center + 66 (0) 2 930 0973 or Live Chat Support

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

We are proud of our commitment to protect your privacy online. Your value truth in us leads to work harder in order to be obtained your confidence so that you can enthusiastically use our services and recommend us to friends and family.

Our Privacy Promise

All your privacy information will be stored in host on our server. We will never sell, rent, barter or share to any third party personally identify information collected during your use of the site unless we have your prior permission.

For general statistics information about our sites and visitors such as number of visitors, service purchased, etc may revealed from time to time, but we will never refer your name or address to any third party as the promised. Others

High Experience Staff

Under the Operation with high experiences teamwork in Thailand Association Tourism section for many years, we can trust you to obtain the accurate suggestions in every time of Thailand visit. Our Live Chat as well as Email are services to along with you the easier access to our staffs and all information you require.

Direct Contract to The Hotel

All hotels shown on webpage have contracted sign directly official with us. After you make the hotel reservation with us completely, please ensure that the problems of reservation unconfirmed or inaccessibility of check-in arrival never been occurred

Loss Protection Guarantee

We guarantee that you will not suffer any loss as a result of booking at In the unlikely event that your credit card is used fraudulently as a result of booking at Your bank can hold you liable to the amount of $50 as long as you inform them immediately and comply with their own terms and conditions. will cover your loss of $50 that you may have to pay to your bank. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk of loss. By the way, no-one has ever suffered loss in this way as a result of booking with us.

High Security Payment System

Our payment system is certified by Kasikorn Bank in usage of security version SSL 128 Bit, the most modern technological security system using nowadays websites in the world.

Quick Response Time

Averagely standard order confirmation in this industry takes around 2-3 days. Please kindly acknowledged the Hotels2thailand response lead-time is shorter than standard websites do.

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