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Ibis Moussafir Hotel Oujda

Boulevard Abdellah Chefchaouni

General Information:Make yourself at home in this charming hotel in Oudja, Morocco, close to Medina, the railway station, perfect for your holiday in the lovely musical town of Oudja.Location:The Ibis Moussafir Oujda hotel is located in the city centre of Oujda, 5 min from the M?dina, just 100 m away from the railway station and 12 km from the airport.Area:Founded in the 10th century, Oujda is an eastern Moroccan city with about half a million inhabitants. It is only about 15 kilometers west of Algeria which means it has seen quite a bit of Algerian influence over the years. However, the predominant architecture in Oujda is very French in nature and this is perhaps what you will find to be most notable in the city. Today Oujda is the capital of eastern Morocco. It does not have as many historical attractions as other Moroccan cities but it does have incredibly friendly people, a busy night and very distinct night life. It is also quite untouched by the main tourist routes which mean that the chances of you being hustled are very slim. Oujda is perhaps best known for the very unusual music which is characteristic of the city. Simple but entertaining musical shows are put on regularly and you will even find music emanating from the many houses in the city. If you visit Oujda, make sure that you get to watch one or two of these shows.Recreation:A restaurant, a bar, snacks 24/24, a swimming pool and a terrace. You are 3 km from a golf course, 4 km from tennis courts and 45 min from the beach.Rooms:Inviting, modern, spacious and comfortable, with a cozy bed and a functional bathroom. Your room has everything you need and then more.

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